Vamvakou Experience Festival 2024

July, 04-07 2024, Vamvakou Laconia

One day in the country is worth a month in town,” said Christina Rossetti. In Vamvakou each day lived close to nature is wonderful and full of inspiration, so every year in the heart of the Laconian Parnon mountain we organise a huge celebration where the essence of a carefree summer in the village is gathered with just a few days! Thus, for the fourth consecutive year, July 04 – 07 of 2024, the Vamvakou Experience Festival with free admission for all, will bring color with new mountain experiences this summer, with the signature of Vamvakou Revival and the exclusive grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Vamvakou Experience Festival, an established magical meeting – this year held for four days – is planned to take place on the slopes of the mountain, with a variety of different events and activities targeted to please different people with different interests including babies and young parents, children 6 to 12 years of age, teenagers, adults, or mature ages 65+. Every year, we transform inspiration into experience and experience into priceless summer memories, through nature and culture, man and the environment, arts and entertainment. A place full of creative motives, a magical four-day journey filled with different entertainment options that will lead the visitor to an unprecedented sense of freedom and fun close to nature!

Vamvakou Experience Festival | Let’s transform again this year our experiences into memories!

July, 04-07 2024, with free entrance for all

Organized by: Vamvakou Revival

With an exclusive grant by Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)

Thursday, July 04 2024 - In the beginning was... The “Party en famille” with the Burger Project

21:00 “Party en famille” with the Burger Project

A rousing musical journey with a dancing and playful mood that is bound to delight young and old alike in a unique interactive concert for the whole family | School | Suitable for all (4+)

Friday, July 05 2024 - A summer afternoon full of art: Dance, theater & music

19:00 Return of the summer – Greek National Opera Ballet

A modern dance diptych titled “Return of the Summer”, choreographed by Ioannis Mandafounis and Konstantinos Rigos with the dancers of Greek National Opera Ballet | Emotion Station | Suitable for all

20:30 Parabases/Readings with Christos Loulis in Vamvakou

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) readers’ theater series, entitled PARABASES/READINGS completes its cycle in Vamvakou with Christos Loulis on stage in a theatrical reading of excerpts from the poem “Erotokritos” by Vincenzo Cornaro| Ruga of Vamvakou Homes| Suitable for 6+

22:00 Ruga… by night with Makis Papasimakopoulos 

Music, cool drinks, and atmospheric lighting in an idyllic setting with Makis Papasimakopoulos in the role of a dj | Ruga of Vamvakou Homes | Suitable for all

Saturday, July 06 2024 - A whole day - all senses in action

11:00-16:00 Shiatsu & facial massages with essential oils

A relaxing face and head massage applying finger pressure to the body’s energy channels | Alexia Tseleki | Traditional Guesthouse of Vamvakou | Suitable for adults

11:00, 13:00 & 15:00  Bike ride on the mountain

Organized bike-riding experience | Our Vibe is Mountians | Trails of Vamvakou| Suitable for 12+

11:00 Pollen goes round and round

Educational-environmental program about pollination and the significance of biodiversity | Bee Camp | School | Suitable for 6 – 12 years old

11:00-18:00 Chocolate School

Unique workshops on how to make handmade chocolate, choco exhibitions, tasty experiments in the form of chocolate tasting seminars, chocolate creative activities and, of course, chocolate delicacies | Happy elephant |School | Suitable for all

12:00 Discovering the secrets of a vegetable garden

An environmental programm for seasonal crops and the journey of food from the fields to our plates (farm-to-table) | Organization Earth | School | Suitable for 6 – 12 years old

16:00 Breathing Meditation in the forest

A yoga workshop practicing ‘pranayama’, the practice of breath control, in the forest | Maria-Anna Vlahou, Molly Seirinaki | Path to Agia Kyriaki | Suitable for adults

18:30 The traditional weaving art of Geraki in Vamvakou

Interactive demonstration of the traditional weaving art techniques with upright looms with the Cultural Society of Geraki | Square | Suitable for all

21:00 Anser in Vamvakou

Anser, the popular Laconian rapper from Sparta, will perform in an exceptional summer hip hop concertin Vamvakou aspiring to leave his mark on the Vamvakou Experience Festival | Accompanied by Andri J and Eversor on the decks| School | Suitable for all

22:00 Locomondo @Vamvakou

Locomondo, one of the most well-known, exuberant, and popular bands in Greece, will get on stage at the Vamvakou School to throw an unforgettable concert party for the visitors of the village, fusing reggae, ska, and Latin sounds with Greek traditional rhythms | School | Suitable for all

Sunday, July 07 2024 - Nostalgic, yet exhilarating ending

09:00 Morning hike to Agia Kyriaki

As part of the celebration of Saint Kyriaki and the mass held in the cave monastery of the same nameAccompanied by the group ‘Our Vibe is Mountains’ we will follow the yellow hiking trail, ending at the cave monastery of Agia Kyriaki in the forest | Suitable for 12+

11:00 Classical music in the Vamvakou yards by the Oros Ensemble

The six musicians present 6 solo concerts in different yards, charting a unique musical walk across the houses of Vamvakou. |In the village| Suitable for all

11:00 Vamvakou Baby Boom Dance

Α tender dancing game for mothers, fathers and their babies in colaboration with the Learning & Participation Department of the Greek National Opera (GNO) | School | Suitable for infants from 6 to 12 months

12:00 Making rustic soap 

An exciting workshop intertwining tradition with science and technology introducing us to the cold saponification process.| Elena Paloumba | School | Suitable for all

12:00 YOGA4ALL

In this session, we will let our bodies move in a flow of various Yoga positions, synchronizing our breath with the movement of our body, next to running waters and surrounded by lush vegetation | Maria-Anna Vlahou | Kato Vrysi | Suitable for all

14:00 Color Celebration on the mountain

The last day of the Vamvakou Experience Festival will end with colors, laughter, joy, and a great celebration on the mountain, throwing colors simultaneously initiated by the event presenter and DJ | Ηappy Elephant | Playground | Suitable for all

17:00 Schoolwave on tour off to the mountains!

Three Schoolwave bands travel to Parnon Mountain to enthuse the entire village –even the forest’s blackbirds and foxes– with pop, rock and traditional sounds | Square | Suitable for all

How to travel to Vamvakou – Transportation Options

You can travel to and from Vamvakou with your own vehicle. Check this indicative route with directions from Athens here!

Τhere will be offering transportation services by private company from Sparta – Vamvakou – Sparta for both the concerts on Saturday July 6th and the festival activities on Sunday July 7th. To reserve your bus seat and for more information, you can call 6974906411 daily between 10:00 – 12:00 until Friday June 28th.

Accommodation options in the wider area

If you are travelling to Vamvakou from afar to attend the Vamvakou Experience Festival, you can contact the EOS SPARTIS which manages the Parnonas Mountaineering Refuge. It is located within a few kilometers from the village, in the forest, and you can go by your own means and camp there upon request.

To arrange your accommodation at Parnonas Refuge, please contact the shelter curator mr Panagiotis Pappas tel. 6945832701, or mr Kostas Laganas tel. 6974098419, or visit the website of EOS SPARTIS here.

Alternatively, there are accommodation options in the neighboring villages of Varvitsa and Karyes. Finally, you can find an even greater variety of accommodations in the nearby cities of Sparta and Tripoli, which are within an hour’s drive from the village.