Why join us

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, beyond the ordinary

Vamvakou and the Revival project constitute a once-in-a-lifetime experience, beyond the ordinary. Just think how often you get the chance to start from the beginning; to build a new homeland with your bare hands.

The countryside has its own culture. It is arid land, unspoiled ground which offers the chance for unprecedented productivity that the city deprives you of. Stress, pollution, intense rhythm, competitive environment, long distances, unemployment, impersonal relationships on the one hand; on the other hand, tranquility, smooth daily life, no distances to cross, nature, quality working conditions, opportunities for creativity, meaningful communication, human standards of living.

You might feel unsettled, that you are starting from zero and that it will be impossible to get used to a new lifestyle. Still, even this period of adaptation has a wild beauty.

The only sure thing is that you will find out things about yourself that you have never imagined of. You will grow within a different reality, expand your horizons, test your limits, mature and, then, you will be ready – relieved from the burdens of urban hubs – to view life through a different perspective and spread your wings, away from your comfort zone.

Life in the village in modern terms

Undoubtedly, the task of “living in the village in modern terms” is no piece of cake. In fact, anything worthwhile is not easy and readily available. As a famous quote goes: “You have your brush, you have your colours, you paint paradise, then in you go”. In Vamvakou, each measurable result entails effort, hard work, personal involvement, commitment and dedication. As a matter of fact, any new situation requires a new version of yourself. Don’t forget that if you fear changes, you won’t be able to evolve.

So, life in the village it is then! You will definitely have many stories to tell your children! And who knows? They might also become part of the Revival…

Vamvakou Revival takes care of the residents of the village

Health is one of the most important necessities for human beings. When you are called to live in a small mountainous village, you wonder about the health facilities and infrastructure. If there is a pharmacy or a doctor’s office.  All-time classic, but also very topical concerns, given the circumstances today.

Vamvakou Revival, takes care of the health and protection of the residents and the visitors of the village. In the offices of the organisation (Vamvakou Community Office) there is a fully equipped pharmacy, first aid kit and an automatic external defibrillator. Members of our team have been trained and certified in First Aid (BLS, Basic Life Support and B-Con, Bleeding Control for Injured), being prepared for any eventuality. In addition, there is always a vehicle in the village ready to transport anyone in need.