Remote working

Vamvakou Revival puts its own stamp on this new era of work transition, from the economy to a society of knowledge, information and extroversion, within the framework of the wider European employment strategy.

The Greek countryside might have been considered technologically illiterate, but this gap provides fertile ground and an unspoiled land for the application and development of new forms of remote working – possibly one of the most powerful tools against urban concentration.

It’s time to turn the page …

In Vamvakou

How would you like it then, if, at a village on the mountains of Lakonia, you could get professionally involved in Fine Arts, Economics, Commerce, Education, Marketing, Graphic Design, Tourism and Computer Science making use of innovative methods, modern equipment and unlimited technological options? The project of Vamvakou Revival is growing, evolving and gradually shaping spaces for the dynamic development of work.

Working conditions

Vamvakou constitutes an ideal environment where remote workers, via the appropriate technical support, will be able to save time and money from commuting and demonstrate greater productivity, effectiveness, flexibility and organization, without being distracted from the “noise” in large companies. And, of course, everyone will benefit from equal rights, as disabled people will have the chance to join the marketplace.