Incubator in Vamvakou

Incubator in Vamvakou

Have you ever thought of starting your own business or bringing an innovative idea to life in a small rural village? Have you ever thought of transforming your life and creating something from scratch in a pristine area that is being reborn? Have you ever wondered how you should start your own business and whether you will succeed? Entrepreneurship is reaching new “heights” at an altitude of 900m and the very first “highland” business incubator in a small rural village in Greece is a fact! Become a member and join us!

In the heart of Mount Parnon and the village of Vamvakou, the very first business center is being established, a collaborative coworking space that ignites ideas as part of where the Vamvakou Revival initiative is being implemented with the exclusive support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). Its aim is to bring people who share a common vision together to revive and rejuvenate the rural areas of Greece and who dream to shape their own future by bringing their sustainable business idea to life. The main pillars of action would be tourism, agrifood, culture and innovation.

Within this context, Vamvakou Revival is inviting individuals with ideas and a vision, startups, but also business groups to submit an application of interest with their business proposal for their participation in the first cycle of Business Support and Hosting within the facilities of Vamvakou Incubator. The call for proposals will begin on October 10th 2022 and will remain open for two months.

This new facility will support ideas, individuals or groups, so that they may elaborate their business idea, create a new or expand their existing business. Specifically, the first cycle aims to support ten business schemes: five (5) businesses that will be established in Vamvakou and five (5) groups or potential entrepreneurs with their business establishment in the wider Peloponnese Region.

The business incubator is partially funded by the ‘Peloponnese’ Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014 – 2020 and under the pivotal strategy to “Enhance the competitiveness, attractiveness and extroversion of the Region, transition to quality entrepreneurship with innovation as a peak and increasing regional added value”. Also, the structure and its operation are supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), as part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative.

Who does this program concern?

– Individuals, business groups or start-ups with a specific innovative business idea, service, or product to be developed.

– Teams determined to work on their submitted business idea in a tranquil and fruitful environment and to transform it into a successful start-up, which will contribute to the revitalization of Greek rural regions.

– People who wish to shape the future “with their own hands” in a pristine place that is being reborn and with active involvement in a pioneering project.

– Adults who are at least 18 years of age.

What are the benefits?

Businesses, entrepreneurs, or groups that will be included in the program will be hosted in a specially designed facility in the village, which has full access to persons with limited mobility, where the necessary infrastructure for the operation of a business will be provided, e.g., office space, computer equipment, telephone landline, fast internet connection, and shared-coworking spaces. The incubator will provide overall networking, consulting, business training and skills development (business strategy, marketing, sales), evaluation of innovation potential and business and financial consulting support, for the formation of the respective business models, to ensure the general sustainable operation of the business scheme.

Why should I become a member of such as scheme?

– Because I have a business idea that I would like to turn into reality.

– Because I dream of creating my own working environment.

– Because I will have access to new technologies.

– Because I will receive help to develop a strategic plan of my idea.

– Because I will utilize the network of existing stakeholders and develop new synergies.

– Because I will have access to knowledge-sharing practices, participate in joint research and development programs, and make good use of resources.

– Because I will develop my skills through a series of workshops.

– Because I will minimize the cost of running my business.

What makes Vamvakou unique;

Vamvakou Revival, established in August 2018, aims to bring new life to the village of Vamvakou by tapping into the history, human capital, and natural wealth of the region, with the collaboration and support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). The organization was founded by a group of friends with strong ties to Vamvakou. Their vision for the sustainable development of the village ultimately aims to bring a greater number of permanent residents to the community. By creating job opportunities and mod-ern, comfortable living conditions, they hope to see Vamvakοu bustling with families and children, and to hear the school bell ring once again. The Initiative’s main pillars consist of tourism, innovation, agri-food, culture, and entrepreneurship. They hope Vamvakou will serve as a model for similar projects throughout Greece, and internationally.

When can I submit my application?

Applications to participate in the business hosting and support program starts 10/10/2022. Until then, prepare your idea!