Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF

A modern STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) centre, innovative ideas and proposals are put into practice for students to better comprehend the notions of science, robotics, mathematics, mechanics, biology, arts and computer science.

Students of all levels can get acquainted with robotics, a fairly new science which combines elements of programming, artificial intelligence, mechanics, mathematics, natural sciences and the study of human behaviour. At the same time, a modern mechanics lab is in operation at V.Lab, where 3D printers of top notch technology are available for young engineers to create and print whatever they can think of. Targeted  workshops are organized in the weekends to bring children into the magical world of science. Adult computer lessons enrich the V.Lab program, enabling participants to acquire basic computer skills and develop their digital skills.

So, get armed with patience, systematic thinking and passion and join V.Lab. The skills you will have acquired by the end of the sessions will blow your mind!

V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF)

Created thanks to an exclusive grant by Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and run at the mountain village of Vamvakou in Lakonia by the Vamvakou Revival team as a part of the related program.