Project description

The first signs of the revival are by now evident. New inhabitants have already returned to the village, while at the same time, the first phase of the plan for the revitalization of the area, based on making the most of the natural wealth of Parnonas and attracting visitors, has been completed.

The second phase of the Revival project is in progress. Through collective action and synergies, the purpose is to develop new activities related to innovation, agritourism and the agri-food sector (a study for the growth of the agri-food sector in Vamvakou and the wider area), with the emphasis always being on creativity.

Vamvakou as a destination

The school of Vamvakou has been renovated and transformed into a pionnering STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) center named V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF), thanks to an exclusive grant of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). V.Lab gives the opportunity to children, young people and adults of the area – and not only – to get acquainted with and make use of the new technologies.

The renovated space of the school of Vamvakou is also hosting creative activities for both children and adults, such as educational programs, workshops, art classes, board games, LEGO bricks, open lending library and cultural events. Speeches, talks and lectures, movie screenings and theatrical plays, concerts and music nights, artists and tributes, all gather in the school of Vamvakou. Within the premises of the school, there is also a basketball court and sports equipment (balls, mats, trampoline etc.) that both young ones and grown-ups can use.

Moreover, the village offers food & beverage services (Voureiko café-restaurant) and organized mountain activities, such as hiking throughout the trail network of Vamvakou, mountain biking by renting a HAIBIKE electric bicycle and tours in the woods by mini bus or 4×4.

Τhe village has a new guesthouse for visitors. Also, there are several lodgings in the area around.