Ruga of Vamvakou Homes

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Join us for a… “Ruga in Vamvakou”! Ruga in Greek means neighbourhood or road and in the past the word was used to symbolize the gathering of the neighbours or the gossiping.

The experience of visitors in Vamvakou is now complemented by Ruga of Vamvakou Homes. Close to the clock tower square, one more neighbourhood of the village is being revived, where three old traditional houses have been recently transformed into a new guesthouse, thanks to an exclusive grant by Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) as part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative.

The rooms bear the names of women of Vamvakou, taken from the past! Marigo, Vgena, Stamo, Tsevoula, Annio and Potoula dress up and are inviting you in their place so that you can get to know the authentic Greek hospitality of the countryside. Stay with us in the neighbourhood and become one of us for a short while, to experience the village, life in the countryside and the Revival.

Rooms of particular decoration and aesthetics make up an ideal haven, away from the intense rhythms of the city. Traditional houses with large windows, view over the forest, fireplace or wood-burning stove, handmade wooden fur-niture, covered balconies, big yards, flowers and trees bring back to mind the old neighbourhoods of villages, rouges, bustling with life! The Ruga of Vamvakou will be of the same sort; a meeting point for all those who dream of an escape to one of the most beautiful and alternative destinations in the Peloponnese, eager to live carefree, relaxing moments in an inspiring and refreshing ambience, ideal for living, working and creating.

Another guesthouse comes along to enrich the experience in Vamvakou! An emblematic building of the village that has fallen in ruins; an old guesthouse that had closed down; memories that were about to fade away come back to life, within the framework of the initiative for the revival of Vamvakou with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). The “Traditional Guesthouse of Vamvakou” is restored, opens its doors again to guests and reoperates by the team of Vamvakou Revival. The building belongs to the Association of the Worldwide Vamvakites – “Vamvakou” – and was donated by Dimitrios Nikolakopoulos. It first operated as a guesthouse in 1994 following its renovation, expansion and refurbishment that was financed exclusively by G. Tsohonis (PZ Cussons company). The guesthouse operated until 2017. New life is now breathed into one of the jewels of the village, within the framework of the Revival initiative. The place is leased by Vamvakou Revival and is fully equipped with the support of SNF. Check the availability here!

Moreover, two stone houses are available for rent in Vamvakou, Donna’s House and Magnolia.