Morning hike to Agia Kyriaki

Trails of Vamvakou

On the day of Agia [Saint] Kyriaki, Vamvakou Revival invites you to a unique experience on the mountain. As part of the celebration of Saint Kyriaki and the mass held in the cave monastery of the same name, the third and final day of the Vamvakou Experience Festival 2024 begins with a hike! Accompanied by the group ‘Our Vibe is Mountains’ and following the yellow hiking trail, we will head towards the forest on a route alongside the river and among the ferns, ending at the cave monastery of Agia Kyriaki. There, participants may attend the annually held service. Note that the cave monastery holds a service only once a year, on the feast day of Saint Kyriaki.

The monastery of Agia Kyriaki was built south of Krivi, but no reliable sources have been found about when it was built. According to tradition, the shepherds who tended their flocks in the area would see a light turning on near the monastery at night. This would disappear in the morning. The phenomenon was repeated often. Once, after arriving there in a rush to solve the mystery, shepherds found the icon of Agia Kyriaki in a hole and built the monastery in honor of the Saint. Find out more here!

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