VEF Concerts: Locomondo & Αnser


Vamvakou Experience Festival reaches its zenith with two concerts in the courtyard of the village school. Since for many years now… it’s not cold in Greece [song lyrics], the beloved Locomondo are coming for an unforgettable upbeat concert party. During the same evening, Anser, the beloved Laconian rapper, will lure the audience into hip hop rhythms and endless rhymes.


Anser, the popular Laconian rapper from Sparta, will perform in an exceptional summer concert in Vamvakou, aspiring to leave his mark on the Vamvakou Experience Festival and offer visitors a great musical experience. Anser has had a significant impact on the Greek rap scene, as he is one of the leading, most popular artists of the local hip-hop community. Each new release is warmly embraced by his fans, who faithfully follow him in every new step he takes. His live performances in recent years have been selling out shortly after their announcement while at the same time, he keeps on doing tirelessly what he enjoys most!


The Locomondo music band celebrate twenty-one years on stage, twenty-one years of great concerts in Greece and abroad! This summer, Locomondo celebrate in Vamvakou with all of us! The great band of reggae, ska and Latin rhythms has won the hearts of young and old alike. We invite you to enjoy them this year in the cool breeze of the mountain since, as their song goes, “It’s never cold in Greece, it’s never been cold!” Locomondo, one of the most well-known, exuberant, and popular bands in Greece, will get on stage at the Vamvakou School to throw an unforgettable concert party for the visitors of the village. Fusing reggae, ska, and Latin sounds with Greek traditional rhythms, Locomondo will lift our spirits and unite us in an endless group dance. With countless live performances and countless miles on stage under their belts, they are experts at creating an uplifting mood and stirring up the audience with their upbeat rhythms and beloved songs, such as “It’s not cold in Greece”, “Magiko Hali” [Magic carpet], “80s” and “Rap, ska, reggae, hip-hop, dub, ska, reggae, one drop”. Celebrate this summer by singing and dancing to their greatest hits!

Locomondo were formed in 2003 in Athens by Markos Koumaris and Yannis Varnavas. Their songs featured on radio playlists across Europe as early as their debut. In 2005 they travelled to Jamaica to record with legendary trombonist Vin Gordon. This was the first time a Greek band had recorded in Jamaica. Two years later they were the opening band for Manu Chao in Malakasa. Since then, they have been steadily trending upward. They have released over nine albums and have performed in some of the biggest concert venues in Greece and abroad, including, among others, Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey.

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