“Party en famille” with the Burger Project


Just before the closing of Vamvakou Summer Camp, the Burger Project, one of the most beloved music bands of young and old, present a hearty “Party en famille”, a unique interactive concert for the whole family and, in particular, for children from 4-12 years old. Professor Cosmic, Al Kalabokis, Mister Finger and Barbie G. perform live songs from their three albums. Employing humorous lines, theatricality, improvisation, organology and interaction with the audience, the Burger Project invite children to join their party participating in games full of rhythm, melodies, and movement.

We look forward to welcoming you in Vamvakou, in a rousing musical journey with a dancing and playful mood that is bound to delight young and old alike!

About the Burger Project

Formed in 2007, playing covers their way, the Burger Project stand out for the theatricality, energy and sense of humor they employ in their live performances, putting on disguises and featuring a repertoire that covers the entire spectrum of contemporary foreign and Greek music. In recent years, the Burger Project have been successfully engaged in musical shows for children mainly because they, too, want to remain children. Having released 3 albums (“Mom, I will set up a band”, “In the Ark at eight”, “Music and Friends”) and performed in many theatrical performances, the Burger Project keep sprouting notes and bringing smiles to young and old alike.

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