Vamvakou digital film festival

Online streaming

This summer, we focus on the Greek periphery, that we will approach cinema-wise through Nature and Hospitality, by organizing a targeted film festival with movies.

Within 5 days, you will discover what canaries and lifejackets, bees and volcanoes, the sea and mountains have in common. Through 5 films, Nature and Hospitality unfold from various viewpoints and aspects. The Beginning and Love; The End of the World; Old Age and Death; The Civilization of Revenge and Destruction; Light and Dark.

Thu 18/06,  “The Canaries” (2019), documentary by Yorgos Kyvernitis (with English subtitles)

Τhe film was available until 19/06, 19h00, here!

Fri 19/06, “Postcards from the end of the world” (2019), script/direction by Konstantinos Antonopoulos (with English subtitles)

Τhe film was available until 20/06, 19h00,  here.

Sat 20/06, starting at 19:00, “8th Continent” (2017), script/direction by Yorgos Zois (silent film)

Τhe film was available until 21/06, 19h00, here.

Sun 21/06, starting at 19:00, “The Forest” (2018), script/direction by Lia Tsalta (in English)

Τhe film is available until 22/06, 19h00, here.

Mon 22/06, starting at 19:00, “The silence of the Dying Fish” (2018), script/direction by Vasilis Kekatos (with English subtitles)

Watch the film and find more information here. Starting at 19h00.

The online film festival is realized for the first time by Vamvakou Revival in collaboration with ARTWORKS and with the contribution of the co-founder of Syros Film Festival, Jacob Moe, as part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative, thanks to an exclusive grant by Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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