Vamvakou Digital Film Festival – The Forest

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Film is available now. The screening will end at 22/06, 19h00.

Director & Screenplay: Lia Tsalta/ Director of Photography: Yannis Kanakis/ Main Editor: Nikos Pastras/ Music: Fernando Corona/ Sound: Nikos Exarchos, Persefoni Miliou/ Costumes: Danai Anagnostou/ Production Design: Danai Anagnostou, Christos Bourantas/ Make-up – Hairdresser: Ioanna Lygizou/ Casting: Cleopatra Ampatzoglou/ Assistant Director: Chrisanthos Margonis/ Producer: Eleni Kossycdou/ Production: Blackbird/ Co Production: ERT, CosmoteTV/ Cast: Elena Topalidou, Maria Haralambopoulou

Year of production: 2018

Duration: 18′


In a world without nature, there is a theme park with a few remaining plants. A guide takes a group of tourists through the scarce biodiversity exposed in art galleries, shopping malls and mountains under construction, as well as on the only Forest these people have ever seen in their life. What will they come across there?

How the film relates to the theme of the festival?

In the film “The forest”, nature has turned into a rare sight for tourists who are arriving at this strange country. A guide undertakes the task of showing them the only plants they have ever seen in their life. In the end, nature takes its revenge, through the sting of a bee.” Lia Tsalta said.