Vamvakou Digital Film Festival – The Canaries

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The film is not available. The screening has completed.

Direction: Giorgos Kivernitis/ Script: Giorgos Kivernitis/ Cinematography: Giorgos Kivernitis/ Editing: Giorgos Kivernitis/ Music: Orestis Petrakis/ Producer: Giorgos Kivernitis/ Format: DCP/ Color: Color/ Production Country: Greece

Production Year: 2019

Duration: 17΄


Petrina and Stathis fell in love when they were little kids. However, they went their separate ways and followed their own paths. They had children, grandchildren, they raised their families. Several years later, when left alone, they reunited and got married, wanting to grow old together. Today, 85 years old, the two of them live in Syros island with their canaries.

How the film relates to the theme of the festival?

The film narrates the story of an old couple living in Syros. Their everyday life in the countryside, their gardening activities and their canaries are all aspects that, I believe, fit into the theme of this festival.” Giorgos Kyvernitis said.

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