Vamvakou Mountain Run 2023

A unique mountain run will take place on Sunday June, 11 across the slopes of Mount Parnon at Lakonia, with the village of Vamvakou serving as the starting point and finish line. Join us to cross gorges, forest roads and trails, starting from an altitude of 950m. to reach an idyllic mountain setting at 1,600m. after following a route of varied landscape. The sports event is being realised for the third time by Vamvakou Revival, within the framework of the initiative for the revival of the village with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Last summer, more than 280 runners mainly from Athens, Sparti, Kalamata and Tripoli got together in the village and, so, this year, we are repeating our appointment with all prospective runners. The athletes will run through the Paths of Vamvakou and finish in the village after choosing between two demanding routes, of 28 km and 7 km respectively.

Vamvakou Mountain Run does not have a competitive profile; however official electronic timing will apply so that the runners can be informed of their performance. The purpose of the event is to bring out the natural wealth of the wider area and encourage participation in activities and events in nature, giving the chance to visitors to get familiar with the lush green trails of Mount Parnon and live the experience of Vamvakou.

Every year, we are running for a good cause! Last year, the money raised was provided for civil protection projects on Mount Parnon, in the wider area of Vamvakou. This year, we are inviting you to this race, so that the youth in the area can reach new heights and fly all the way to Australia. “Northside” robotics team from the 3rd General Vocational Senior High School of Sparti will represent Greece in the international competition FIRST® LEGO® League Asia Pacific Open Championship, which will take place in Sydney, Australia from June, 30 to July, 2 of 2023. Vamvakou Revival will cover part of the cost of this trip with the participation fees for the race.

So, join us on the mountains this year too and let’s reach new heights!

Vamvakou Mountain Run, 11/06/2023

Symbolic participation fee: 10 Euros

Organized by: Vamvakou Revival

Supervised by: Ioannis Dimopoulos

With the support of: Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)

Registration is now open!

28 km route – Altitude +1400 m.

The race will be conducted at Sunday July, 11 2023, with starting time at 9:30 o’clock at Vamvakou-Lakonia, at the village entrance, “Stathmos Sygkiniseos” [Emotion Station]

Right to participate: Individuals over 18 years old, in other words born before 11/06/2005, have the right to participate in the race. Participants must be in good physical condition and need to register via this webpage.

See more details about the race and find the registration form here!


7 km route – Altitude +350 m.

The races will be conducted on Sunday June, 11 2023 with starting time at 10:00 o’clock at Vamvakou-Lakonia, at the village entrance, “Stathmos Sygkiniseos” [Emotion Station]

Right to participate: Individuals over 18 years old, in other words born before 11/06/2005, have the right to participate in the race. Participants must be in good physical condition and need to register via this webpage.

See more details about the race and find the registration form here!

How to get to Vamvakou

By your own vehicle, see the route here!

The event will provide participants with free transport by bus from Athens and Kalamata and in-between stops at Corinth, Tripoli and Sparti. The itineraries will be announced soon.

Fill in the option for the bus transport in the registration form.

Technical information

The race pack can be picked up only from the administration desk of the Run operating at Stathmos Sygikiniseos [Emotion Station]:

– Saturday June, 10 from 17:00 to 20:00

– Sunday June, 11 from 7:30 to 9:00

To better attend you, please bring along the email mentioning your BIB number, either in print or electronic format.

The technical description of both races of VAMVAKOU MOUNTAIN RUN will be realized on Sunday June, 11 at 9:00 at the starting point.

Participants must be at the starting point of the race at least half an hour before the scheduled starting time.

If you wish to store your personal belongings before the start, there will be a space set up by VAMVAKOU MOUNTAIN RUN for this purpose, near the starting point. The particular bag must be handed over the latest by 9:00 and will be returned to you, after finishing, by representatives of the event by demonstrating your BIB number.

Feed stations

28 km RACE

There will be five feed stations set up along the route of the long race, providing participants with water, isotonic drinks, gels, dried nuts, fruit and salt, according to the point of the route.

7 km RACE

There will be one feed station along the route of the short race, providing participants with water, isotonic drinks, fruit and dried nuts.

Moreover, water will be given to the runners at the starting and finishing points. At the finishing point, a light meal will be offered to the runners finishing the race.

Time limit for the conclusion of the race

For the long run, a cut-off limit has been set at the 21st kilometer of the route, at the Sparti Refuge. Any athlete reaching that point 5:30 hours after the start of the race is disqualified and will be taken to the finish by vehicles of the organizer, as indicated by the judge in charge. If this athlete decides to continue, he/she must be very familiar with the mountain, bear in mind that he/she is running at his/her own risk and be aware of the fact that signage will be lacking as the sweeper of the race will be collecting additional signage. Athletes who are dropping out for any reason must inform the judge at the nearest check point.

The time limit for the long route is set at 7 hours, ending at 16:30. Athletes finishing after this time are disqualified.

The time limit for the shorter route is set at 3 hours, ending at 13:00. Athletes finishing after this time are disqualified.

BIB number of runners

The BIB number of each athlete must be visible at all times, throughout the race and upon the finish.

Medical services

Full medical support will be provided by First Aid Ambulance to provide first aid throughout the Run.

In any case, all runners are participating at their own risk, in accordance with the Participation Terms. Participants are recommended to proceed with medical exams before the race in order to ensure they are in good physical condition.

Other useful information

• Consult your doctor if you are suffering from some medical condition.

• Demonstrate sportsmanship throughout the event.

• Respect and follow the indications of the organizing committee.

• Do not forget to warm up before starting the race.

• Consume your last meal two hours before the race.

• Be well hydrated before and during the race.

• Get to the Starting Line on time.

• Follow your own pace and do not get carried away by the pace of other athletes.

• Do not dispose of little bottles or other litter at the start, throughout the route and at the finish of the race.

• Every athlete approached by a faster athlete is obliged, if required, to move to the side so that the overtaking can be realized quickly and safely.

• It is prohibited for athletes to be accompanied in any part of the race by friends, relatives and pets.

• It is prohibited for athletes to get any external help or artificial assistance in between them, as well as help by any motor-driven means. The use of trekking poles, map and compass is allowed.

• The organising committee does not oblige athlete to have with them the following equipment. However, it is recommended for the longer route – and especially for beginners – to have with them: a small backpack with water bladder, a windbreaker jacket, solids, elastic bandage, whistle, mobile phone.

• It is prohibited to use headphones throughout the race.

Safety measures

The safety of runners and spectators is of utmost importance to the organizing committee. Every year, we are collaborating with the Hellenic Police, the Road Traffic Police, the Hellenic Fire Service and the Red Cross of Sparti, the rescue team Etoimoklis and the Hellenic Rescue Team in order to ensure safety throughout our events.

The organizer is supervising the routes, to the extent that this is possible, in order to avoid any unforeseen incident and provides medical assistance to athletes who might need it.

The organizer can modify the routes in case of risks for the safety of the athletes. It might also delay the start of the race or even cancel or postpone the race due to bad weather or other reason of force majeure.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Sparti, the Forestry Service of Sparti, the Hellenic Police and the Hellenic Fire Service.