Vamvakou Experience Festival 2022

Vamvakou Experience Festival 2022

Save the date: July 01-03, 2022 / Vamvakou – Lakonia

Vamvakou Experience Festival is all about unique experiences on the mountain, while getting to know the village of Vamvakou through a big three-day celebration for everyone! As, according to Aristotle, “experience produced art”.

One festival, three days and numerous open events with the lush nature of Mount Parnon on the background. The driving force? The passion of a group of young people who decided to revive their village! The raw material? Cultural, culinary, sport, technological and all kinds of experiences! In a few words… Vamvakou Experience Festival 2022! Three days full of authentic Vamvakou experiences, on July, 01-03 2022, with the signature of Vamvakou Revival and the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

An excellent opportunity for a summer nature getaway, that is embraced by people every year more and more. Discover everything taking place in Vamvakou, laugh, play, sing, feel like a kid again and join us in a magic place, where gastronomy mingles with culture and sports meet innovation!


Vamvakou Experience Festival | Live the Vamvakou experience!

July, 01-03 2022, with free entrance for all

Vamvakou Mountain Run: July, 03 2022

Organized by: Vamvakou Revival

With the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)

What to be experiencing together?

We are opening with the stand-up comedy show “Staying Alive” by our favourite comedian Katerina Vrana and a cocktail party in the school yard with The Blue Sins, while we will say goodbye with a special concert by Gadjo Dilo at the village square. A chocolate workshop by the pastry chef Christos Vergados, wine tasting, traditional recipes and gastronomy secrets will be revealed by the women of the village. A narration exhibition by Istorima will take us back in time, hiking and cycling, sport activities, aromatherapy and ceramics will bring us close to nature and the environment, while old traditions will make it to the present through a traditional feast based on the wedding custom and “the Love of Life”. Several surprises also await our little visitors, such as a giant board gamethat will travel to the village all the way from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), STEAM labs and walks. Get ready to play, learn, have fun and get dirty together!



Vamvakou Mountain Run 2022

And as if all this weren’t enough, this year we are waiting for you on Sunday July, 03 to head to the mountains by participating in the Vamvakou Mountain Run 2022. Let’s take a run!