Christmas in Vamvakou with Foivos Delivorias

The lights of Christmas twinkled in Vamvakou once again this year, and so did our hearts …

It was a magical Christmas afternoon on Saturday 02/12, when we saw thousands of lights shimmering, filled with dreams, creative workshops, realistic caricatures and ornaments brightening the festive atmosphere, with the voices of the members of the Intercutlural Choir of the Greek National Opera and Fivos Delivorias warming our hearts, with thousands of smiles lighting our hearts, with 2.000 young and old visitors  who joined and became one company, filling the village square with joy and fun, but also with so many others who traveled online to our village and attended our event.

Christmas is here… and don’t forget… all roads lead to Vamvakou this year!

The event is part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative and is implemented with an exclusive grant by Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Warm thanks

We wish to thank for the support the Κafeaterra’s representative in Laconia, George Kamitzako. We wish to thank each and everyone of you who worked so hard for the event, but also to all those who were there with us for the energy and the moments we lived together this year! We renew our appointment for next year!