Invitation for voluntary cleanup

Invitation for voluntary cleanup

May is here and summer is just around the corner! It’s time, then, to take care of our village’s cleanup! We are inviting you to the two-day annual voluntary activation for the cleanup and embellishment of Vamvakou.

Vamvakou Revival, in collaboration with all the local bodies – the Municipal Community of Vamvakou, the Cultural Association “Nea Zoi” and the Athens Association of the People of Vamvakou – invites you to meet up on Sunday 17/05 and Sunday 24/05 in order to clean up municipal roads, cobbled streets, fountains, church yards, our square, Kato Vrisi, Stathmos Sygkiniseos, as well as our own yards!

In our attempt to revive our village, we need to embellish it, clean it up and restore its former glory. So, let’s ALL express concern! This project requires the voluntary work, collaboration and participation of all of us!

Bring along your grass cutting machines, your pole saws and definitely your best of moods.

However, don’t forget that this year we must keep a safe distance. So, we will split into smaller groups and work together while always keeping our distance.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Sunday 17 & 24/05, 10:00, Vamvakou square

For more information or clarifications: info@vamvakourevival.org / 2731-0-76233

Project leader: Markos Anastasios