The digital film festival from the village of Vamvakou… is here!

The digital film festival from the village of Vamvakou… is here!

Life in the Countryside: Nature & Hospitality

June, 18-23 enter here!

Was there an open-air cinema in Vamvakou in 1930? Were screenings taking place in the school yard at that time? Was the open-air cinema in the village revived in 2019? The answer to all the above is yes! Summertime, Vamvakou and open-air cinema go hand in hand. A screening by the clock tower of the village; another in the school yard; another in the square. However, this year, the things are different. We revive the open-air cinema for a second year in a row, but, from a distance!

Vamvakou Revival in collaboration with ARTWORKS and with the contribution of the co-founder of Syros Film Festival, Jacob Moe, realizes for the first time an online film festival under the theme “Life in the countryside: Nature & Hospitality”, as part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative, implemented with the guidance and financial support of  Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Today, within the difficult situation that the global community is experiencing due to the pandemic, we keep considering cultural events – and especially those related to cinema – a true experience in space and time. However, we are called to adapt to new circumstances and thus make the most of them through technology.

This summer, then, we focus on the Greek periphery, that we will approach cinema-wise through Nature and Hospitality, by organizing a targeted film festival with movies available for 24 hours via streaming in Greece and abroad. Within 5 days, you will discover what canaries and lifejackets, bees and volcanoes, the sea and mountains have in common. Through 5 films, Nature and Hospitality unfold from various viewpoints and aspects. The Beginning and Love; The End of the World; Old Age and Death; The Civilization of Revenge and Destruction; Light and Dark.

Filmmakers who have been awarded by ARTWORKS, within the framework of the SNF Artist Fellowship Program, will present their work and share with the audience films related to the theme of the festival. The participants include Konstantinos Antonopoulos, Yorgos Zois, Vasilis Kekatos, Giorgos Kivernitis and Lia Tsalta.

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