The August breeze on the mountain is always sweeter & cooler!

Arts, tradition and carefree summer activities in Vamvakou, Lakonia

The summer breeze and the meltemi wind are bringing to Vavmakou, on Mount Parnon, the last summer month. This August, the lush landscape is inviting you to experience endless cool and carefree moments in the village, with both inhabitants and visitors getting together for unforgettable holidays with activities designed and realised by Vamvakou Revival, within the framework of the initiative for the Revival of Vamvakou with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Family memory meets pottery for a weekend (05 &06/08)

August is beginning with a two-day activity dedicated to pottery along with the ceramist Jason Damianos. The participants will have the chance to learn about the history and evolution of pottery from antiquity till today, make a large-scale group artwork on the central square of the village, as well as create their individual piece that will be baked in a professional kiln. At the same time, shortly before completing the research for the Ancestral Tree of the People of Vamvakou that has been in progress over the past two years following an initiative raised by Vamvakou Revival, the researcher Katerina Samara is returning for two days in Vavmakou to meet again with the people of Vamvakou who wish to unfold their story and discover details about the social “kaleidoscope” of the village, that will connect all the families of the village under a common and valuable record.

Children and grown-ups spending creative time on the mountain

Our favourite frog “Vissarion A. Bakakoulis” (12/08) is returning for a unique summer puppet show addressed to all, featuring Christina Aggelopoulou and Strigles theatre group. An outdoor picnic (19/08), our own summer “symposium” under the trees, is coming this year too in Vavmakou to give us the chance to communicate through play. We will share images, experiences and dreams for the future and, of course, set up a water fight for the most fun summer memories. This month also wouldn’t be complete without our favourite by now School… the other way (20/08), that will be different from the others, so, just in case, bring along a change of clothes. And as… once upon a time, religious fairs had their special in the village, we are reviving August traditions from all over Greece during an improvised feast (26/08). The month will close (27/08) with the educational programmes of the National Library of Greece (NLG) that will allow us to study the merominia [tradition of yearly weather forecast based on the first six days of August] and construct our own weather station!

Coolness, technology and free play at the school

And for those of you struggling with the heat, the school of Vamvakou, thanks to its thick stone-built walls, is always a cool place offering protection from the sun. Free play, rare books, comfortable sofas and, definitely, Virtual Reality & Gaming στο V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF) with Oculus Quest will be there to entertain you and keep you cool company.

An unforgettable and different August is waiting for you in Vamvakou!