Let’s «crack the walnuts» in October at Vamvakou!

October has arrived and along with it the walnut harvesting! The pandemic might have changed our habits and program quite a lot, but there are some traditions and habits that won’t change. The walnut month in Vamvakou is a fact and we will celebrate it accordingly, while keeping the distances and safety measures. We draw our inspiration from nature and the customs of our place; the arts; education and innovation; tastes, colours and scents.

A weekend dedicated to sustainable gastronomy will be realized in the village of Vamvakou, in collaboration with Sustainable Food Movement Greece, bringing workshops and special gourmet proposals for grown-ups and children. What does the program include? An open cooking class by executive chef Dimitris Aivaliotis; a 12-course dinner event with the attendance of chefs Dimitris Aivaliotis and Vasilis Hantzaras in Voureiko café-restaurant and a workshop for children, combining art and nutrition by Re-direct.

The gastronomic experience is complemented by a marvelous wine journey in Vamvakou, with the guidance of wine specialist Christos Dimitrakakis. Join us to get acquainted with the Greek grape varieties.

The focus on wellbeing and nutrition! Cycling and trekking tours will take place all the way from the village to the walnut trees, in order to learn about the art of walnut harvesting by local producers, as well as nutrition secrets by the dietician-nutritionist Dr. Panagiotis Basourakos. Moreover, a yoga vinyasa session will be realized at the school by Katerina Nteli, with the breathtaking mountain landscape of Parnon as backdrop.

Music, poetry and photography coexist harmoniously at 900m. altitude at Vamvakou. The exhibition “The Athenians”, twenty black and white photographs of by Socrates Baltagiannis continue to adorn the alleys and paths of the village. The exhibition is implemented in collaboration with Athens Photo World. After two consecutive postponements, the National Conservatory of Kalamata visits Vamvakou and brings along the Music of Poets.

What does this month hold, though, for our little friends? A series of 3 workshops for nutrition in the years of the Byzantium is starting this October in the school of Vamvakou for children aged 6 to 12 years old with the archaeologist Gianna Katsougraki. The Four seasons theatre sessions, for children aged 4 to 7 years old, will be continuing under the theme Walnut heroes, with Flora Kalomoiri. And, also, the arts workshop Walnut picking in Vamvakou with Strigles and the educational program What a photo can tell, for children aged 6 to 12 years old, come along!

Moreover, in October, V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF) is completing a year of operation and will be celebrating it with 5 interesting science & technology workshops. A treasure hunt for tough nuts, aged 11 to 14 years old, with Eleni Paloumba; a crash course on robotics for children aged 8 to 12 years old; a workshop on innovation for adults organized by Nokia Hellas; the Physics, Chemistry and Biology behind the walnuts of Vamvakou with Dora Kourkouli; and the workshop Discovering the world of science for primary & high school students, in collaboration with CTY Greece of Anatolia College, make up the anniversary program of V.Lab.

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