Experience at the heart of Vamvakou Experience Festival 2023

3 days, 22 events, over 2,400 participants & visitors, millions of images & countless unique moments

The most exciting summer feast, our own yearly mountain get-together, that took place in Vamvakou of Lakonia from July, 14 to July, 16, organised by Vamvakou Revival and with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), has reached its end. However, the endless magic experiences will be forever stamped on the memory of all those who found themselves in the small village, as well as on ours. Music, cultural, gastronomic and technological experiences; Happy, fun, relaxing, smiling and fresh experiences; strong, as well as touching experiences.

Through 22 activities and events for all tastes with more than 2,000 participations, the small village was filled with visitors of all ages from Athens, the Peloponnese, as well as from other areas of Greece and abroad. We learned a lot and experienced even more. We laughed, danced, played, ran, got puzzled, discovered, felt, tasted, breathed in fresh air and met new lovely people. We experienced every moment to the maximum during a mountain festival that surpassed all expectations.

What to remember first? The yells of the children, who filled the school in order to take part in the STEAM programmes F1inSchools and 4x4inSchools and the original programmes of the Field of Life, as well as the awe in their eyes when learning about the planets and embracing the sun during the “interplanetary” hike with Fiori Metalinou? The cheering and clapping of both children and grown-ups, who had the chance to talk, get to know and play with the Greek Legends 2004 Angelos Basinas, Vassilis Tsiartas, Giorgos Karagounis and Takis Fyssas? The colours and the group graffiti work that will remain intact on the storage room of the school, the little robots that ran around “like crazy” as programmed by children or the alchemies in an experiment stroller, through the school programmes of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)? The curiosity to get familiar with magical, different, unknown worlds through virtual reality guided by Timos Kouremenos? The children that moulded clay to make their own figures, that ran around the school yard covered with colours and mixed dirt during an endless and fun messy & clay play by Hehe, which finished with a water fight, typical of all summer games?

The sounds of nature that mingled with the sounds of music and set the rhythm for the ballet of the Greek National Opera and the unexpected artistic trekking on the path of Aghia Kyriaki? The realisation that you don’t need eyes to view the world, as long as you can feel it, by attending the disruptive Click-able project? The journeys in taste through the recipes of Timos Zaharatos, based on the graviera cheese made of 100% goat milk by the Agricultural Cooperative of Vamvakou, or, the wine that gladdens the heart of man during a presentation by Diamantis Farandatos? The feeling of well-being in nature when practicing aromatherapy, yoga, trekking and cycling? The melodies that reverberated through the mountain and the lights that were reflected on the stones of the houses and the starry night of Vamvakou? The music paths we crossed along with Giorgos Mouchtaridis? The one thousand visitors that danced and sang along with Kostis Maraveyas? The jazz melodies that accompanied our cocktails?

So, did we actually manage to leave our mark this year too? How far away have the characteristic yellow & blue paper bracelets of the festival – this year’s trademark – already traveled? How many faces has the festive mountain air caressed?  Remains to be seen next year, as the preparations for Vamvakou Experience Festival 2024 are starting shortly, bringing along new ideas and goals. As for us, the “finish” does not stand for a simple “end”, but, instead, according to Aristotle, for the pursuit of a new end. Towards new experiences, then!

So, have a great summer, and, we are looking forward to getting together again at the same place in July of 2024!