Film Screenings: Growing up (for children aged 10 to 12 years old)


Original stories about real life and messages that can be interpreted in many ways. Films that form a reason to start a conversation, not only due to their contemporary topics, but also due to the range of film techniques used that enhance the narration.

Screening schedule

1/ My Family is a Circus | Nina Landau

16’, Belgium, 2020, Dutch with Greek subtitles (Live action)

Romy sets off with her parents to Paris, but, not for holidays; she will be performing in her parents’ circus. So, she decides to write a farewell letter to her classmates.

2/ Are You Okay? | Ryan Cannon

9’, USA, 2021, English with Greek subtitles (Animation)

A 15-year-old girl sees a classmate being bullied. In her attempt to help him, she also becomes a target, while she gets trapped in a hopeless sentimental situation.

3/ Laika & Nemo | Jan Gadermann

15’, Germany, 2022, no dialogue (Stop-motion animation)

Nemo is different. Nobody else wears a diving suit and a huge helmet. Everything will change, though, when he meets Laika, an astronaut.

4/ One after the Other | Valerio Gnesini

10’, Italy, 2021, Italian with Greek subtitles (Live action)

An old man travels with a little girl; this is just the beginning of a touching story that urges us to look deep inside us.

5/ The Ticket | Kevork Aslanyan

11’, Bulgaria, 2021, no dialogue (Live action)

A boy living is Sofia has to cross the entire city in order to complete a very important transaction. However, moving around will be difficult as he can only take the bus, his destination is at the other end of the city and he is holding a single ticket.

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