“Miss Margarida’s Way” by Roberto Athayde

“Miss Margarida’s Way” by Roberto Athayde


The bell of the school in Vamvakou will ring again at the beginning of 2023, as a “special” teacher will find herself in her natural habitat in order to turn all of you, the spectators into her students. The reason is the much-talked about theatre play “Miss Margarida’s Way” by the Brazilian playwright Roberto Athayde. Two shows will take place at the school of the village, on January 06 & 07 of 2023 at 18:00, which are realized by Vamvakou Revival, within the framework of the initiative for the Revival of Vamvakou, with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

The story is unfolding in a school class, dominated by a teacher, Miss Margarida, who uses all kinds of means in order to impose herself on her students. Miss Margarida is presumed to be a pawn of the system, who is reproducing its values, but, at the same time is ready to revolt; a woman on the verge of sanity and insanity, who ends up devasted by the same values that she advocates and her notorious self. The play “Miss Margarida’s Way” is a life lesson that may be considered as currently relevant, given the political circumstances prevailing around the globe.

It is a deeply political play that was first staged in Rio de Janeiro in 1973, under brutal dictatorship in Brazil and Latin America. It was originally banned and, after being considerably censored, was staged again to become a huge success first in Rio de Janeiro and then throughout the world.

Produced by Vamvakou Revival, this play will be traveling during 2023 from Vamvakou to other regions of the country. Moreover, senior high school students visiting Vamvakou in the context of school excursions can arrange to attend the performance.


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