The family tree of Vamvakites

The family tree of Vamvakites

Vamvakou square

Research – Lecture, an activity that is addressed exclusively to Vamvakites.

It is an interesting way for them to bring back memories and create their family tree, thus connecting their family to the village all over again! Through these connections, the purpose is to preserve the history of people and consequently record the history of the village as such. Would you like to know where you come from? Who were your predecessors? How did your surname come up and how it has evolved throughout the centuries?

The activity will start with a discussion that will take place regarding family trees and their types. Related works of art will be also presented. Then, in the same or next day depends on the number of the interested Vamvakites, participants will be asked to talk about the history of their own family and keep some original records of their family trees. They will be asked to bring along photos, certificates of birth, death, marriage etc., which will be scanned and printed in order to form part of a larger and more detailed family tree. Based on the stories and family bonds recorded, Katerina Samara will create an accurate – as much as possible – family tree of the village, that will stay with the village after the completion of this process.


Part A – Presentation of family trees and discussion on how we will work – August 9th, 2020

Part B – Family tree of each family

Part C – Creation of the family tree of Vamvakou based on the information provided by all participating families