Creative village weekends


Fun board games, colourful LEGO interlocking bricks, imaginative constructions and handicrafts, drawing and music are waiting for young and older children to discover them.

A bouquet for September (5 & 6/09)

September has made its glorious entrance and we welcome it by making flowers to ornament it. Just before the beginning of the school year, children and grown-ups get together at the school of Vamvakou and – using egg cases, glitter, paints and straws – create the most beautiful flowers that will keep us company throughout the year.

Painting stones from Gerakaris (12 & 13/09)

When in nature, you need to find imaginative ways to create. We found one! Several stones, that we will have collected from Gerakaris, the river of Vamvakou, will be waiting for young artists to depict on them whatever comes to their mind. A small take-away gift to remind them of their warm welcome in the village and the great moments they spent on Mount Parnon.

Tasty handicrafts with… pasta (19 & 20/09)

Who said that cooking products are just for eating? Who said that pasta has only nutritional value? With a bit of imagination, pasta becomes a great material for handicrafts! Join us to paint, design, glue together and create … using one of children’s favourite foods: pasta! Are you a pasta lover?!

A portrait made of corrugated paper (26 & 27/09)

How well do you know yourself? Your characteristics? Can you design yourself? Yes, you have heard us well… can you design yourself? Using a black marker and simple lines, draw your portrait and then decorate it by sticking colourful pieces of paper on it. So, let’s see how well you know yourself. How do you think you are or how do you imagine you look?

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