Clean Monday celebration “Vamva-Koulouma”


As always, Carnival, the most colorful celebration of the year, ends with glitter and play, dancing and singing, masquerades, confetti and streamers! On Clean Monday, Vamvakou Revival invites you to celebrate “Vamva-Koulouma” at the school of the village. Let’s gaze together at the skies over Mount Parnon and find out whether it will be kites, bubbles or balloons that will rise higher.

From 11:00 onwards Clown Ririka will be engaging children creatively with face painting, carnival and balloon crafts. At 14:00 the torch will be passed on to the “Cosmonauts”, an interactive bubble show by the group La Petite Marguerite, who revisit Vamvakou with a spectacular bubble performance. Needless to say, kites will be adorning the Parnon sky on a day of Latin music and Greek Lent delicacies.

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