Four seasons theatre sessions: Walnut heroes

Four seasons theatre sessions: Walnut heroes


Theatre education

The series of theatre sessions which started in September at the school of Vamvakou for children aged 4 to 7 years old continues this month as well.

Inspired by the walnut month, during this second session, some walnuts are escaping from the trees and want to come in contact with the people to celebrate along with them! Join us to create our own walnut heroes, through theatrical and movement improvisation driven by our imagination. If they had a mouth, how would they speak or sing? If they had legs, how would they walk or dance? If they had arms, how would they hug? Is a distant hug difficult or easy for them?

See you in nature, then!

Tip 1: Before the session, we would like to ask parents to think along with their children what these heroes could be wearing (clothes, shoes, glasses etc.), so that children could come dressed like this.

Tip 2: On your way to Vamvakou, listen to Antonio Vivaldi’s Four seasons.

These sessions are realized once per month throughout the year at the idyllic setting of Vamvakou. Through theatre play, movement and improvisation, the children participating will have the chance to come in direct contact with nature, observe how it changes and see how we feel during every season. The stimuli will include the scents, colours, sounds and motion of nature.

The purpose of these sessions is to develop the notions of collaboration and teamwork through games of acquaintance and theatre play, which help the creativity and imagination of children grow by setting free and empowering their means of expression (body, motion, speech).

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