Returning to the village means returning to ourselves

Returning to the village means returning to ourselves

Haris Vasilakos

We got used to hearing about a generation having it easier than the previous ones; about youth on the move; about an era of consumerism; about the Greek crisis which generated citizens looking for the easy way out. We have experienced the Occupation, grandpa would say. When I was your age, I was independent, dad would respond. And at that point, somewhere in between frustration and… the American Dream, more than half a million scientists decided to move abroad, spread their wings and build the much longed-for career.

However, today in Greece, there are still many young people who persist and are fighting for a better future and most importantly… find a solution to every problem – never the opposite. In fact, as a savvy saying goes: If it were easy, everyone would do it. And as we are here, to tell you the truth, life in the village is not easy. But it’s worth it. You don’t need to understand why you should stay here. You can simply feel it. We have learned to rationalize everything (or at least try) and we have forgotten to smile, dare, risk, get passionate about what we do, lost in second thoughts.

So, would an announcement like the following one pique your interest?

We are looking for young people with a vision to create a society from scratch, a few miles away from an urban center. We offer: professional opportunities, clean environment, stress-free working conditions and quality of life. We provide: restaurant, cafeteria, high-standard tech hub, open air cinema, hiking trails, electric bicycles for mountain rides, educational programs, cultural events, basketball field, playground, rides in nature by mini-van and 4×4.

The cooperative joint venture Vamvakou Revival, implemented with the guidance and financial support of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), has the road ahead to run, innovate and create a world resisting to brain drain. The project of Vamvakou Revival invites – and challenges – you not to make the most of the opportunity, but instead to make the opportunity yourself. Or, put more precisely, to make it together.

Back to the village means back to our self.

Can you take it?