Residencies in Vamvakou

Residencies in Vamvakou

A multi-faceted program of hospitality, research and artistic expression has been designed by Vamvakou Revival as part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative, implemented with the guidance and financial support of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). The purpose is for Vamvakou to become an environment that will be promoting art and inspiration and opening the way for creation and internal quests via contemporary practices.

Music, cinema, comics, textile art, embroidery, mythology, performance, sculpture, literature, jewelry making and education will be at the core of this venture taking place in Greece for the first time to such an extent. The  residencies are looking towards collective artistic research, the approach of high-level subject areas, the production process, co-existence, joint creation, as well as the exchange of ideas in the light of freedom, knowledge and multiculturalism.

Workshops, narrations, lectures, exhibitions, projections, walks, studies and improvisations are expected to give the big picture of the artistic programs realized by Vamvakou Revival, in collaboration with leading organizations and renowned professionals in the sectors of fine arts and education from all over the world.

A basic element of the residencies is the incorporation of the community of Vamvakou as well as of the wider area in the specific projects, as via interaction, hands-on experience and systematic research, the aim is to shape new aesthetic and intellectual standards.

Let’s discover beauty!