TEDxNTUA ΜΝΕΜΕ | The revival of a village

It always feels an honor to share your story with young people who may also draw inspiration from it. It was thus with great pleasure that our team accepted the invitation to participate in TEDxNTUA organized by the National Technical University of Athens. Eleni and Charis gave a talk during last year’s event focusing on the notion of “mneme” [memory]. The event took place at the Athens Conservatoire on May 13, 2023.

Our talk initiated with the question: “Could memory serve as a springboard for a new social contract?” and ended with a statement and a big question: “Returning to the village means returning to ourselves, returning to our roots, returning to our memories! Could you possibly take on such a challenge and make that change?” A historic event rooted in the village’s past inspired us and pointed the way to a new endeavor.

Watch our talk in this video: