Earth Day | Let’s plant potatoes

Earth Day | Let’s plant potatoes

Ομάδα Αναβίωσης της Βαμβακούς

On Earth Day, we would like to share with you one of our stories:

“The Earth is an integral part of our lives and generously offers its fruits. We must respect it, but also take care of it. The potato is an earth fruit. So today, April, 22 of 2020, we planted potatoes. The fruit of Tasos, the tractor of Babis, the experience of Pota and the positive mood and learning spirit of Martha, Eleni and Anargyros were integral parts of the process. In the past, potatoes were being planted by hand with mule, horse or donkey-drawn planters; one potato seed per step and fertilizer between every two. Today, planting is made using specialized machinery.”

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