Vamvakou Experience Festival |  Back to Nature, Back to Yourself, Back to Life!

Vamvakou Experience Festival | Back to Nature, Back to Yourself, Back to Life!

Experience it with all your senses on September, 3 – 5 2021 in Vamvakou, Lakonia

This year brought along the hope for a return to normality and, of course, allowed us to address an invitation to the friends and supporters of the project, to nature and mountain afficionados and to the admirers of Vamvakou in order to join us in a big celebration. This year, we are planning a unique three-day festival full of Vamvakou-originating experiences on the slopes of Mount Parnon, on September, 3-5 of 2021. So, Vamvakou Experience Festival 2021 is a fact!

A three-day festival based on the leading star of Mount Parnon, which is encountered across all activities and is, undoubtedly, Nature and the Freedom of the Countryside, is organized by Vamvakou Revival team as part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative, thanks to an exclusive grant of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). Therefore, the main theme for 2021 is “Back to Nature, Back to Yourself, Back to Life!”

And if you are wondering about the experiences included in this three-day festival, let us give you an idea! It is about a mix of activities in the natural environment, in the countryside, in the open air. It is about a mosaic of experiences on the mountain, including hiking, cycling, walks in nature and the village, picnics in the countryside, food and wine tasting, gastronomy. It is about music events by the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata and D&A Guitar Duo, while Oros Ensemble – the music group that was established in Vamvakou in 2020 during the residency programme realized by Vamvakou Revival, with the contribution of the Greek National Opera (GNO) and the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) – is returning to the village to offer us new melodic moments. The open-air cinema turns up again to mesmerize you with silent movies against the lush background of Parnon. And, of course, the programme is complemented by environmental and educational sessions for children, star gazing and a robotics and science marathon in V.Lab  (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF). Narrations inspired by the village, the past, the present and the future will take you to old, yet so contemporary times. It is about all those things that we missed, that we desired, that represent freedom and that give sense to human contact.

September, 3-5 2021 | Live Vamvakou Experience Festival with all your senses!

Free entrance

Organizer: Vamvakou Revival 

With the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation


Discover all the magic in www.vamvakourevival.org/en/vamvakou-experience-festival-2021

In compliance with all the safety regulations and health protection measures.


About the Festival

Two years ago, on July, 13 of 2019, Vamvakou in Lakonia welcomed its first visitors on a day of celebration that signaled the beginning of a new era for the village. It was an opening call to get acquainted with the Vamvakou Revival project, which is implemented with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). The Return to the Roots, which served as a symbol for both the Vamvakou Revival team, was the main pillar of that day and inspired Vamvakou Revival for the further development of the Festival and its establishment as an annual meeting at the heart of Mount Parnon. However, in 2020, the circumstances imposed by the coronavirus pandemic turned any sort of programming upside down; as a result, we had to move our meeting with the visitors of the village to 2021.

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