Murals, notes and staves at 900m. altitude!

Residencies for visual artists and musicians at Vamvakou, Lakonia

Would you ever expect that a small mountain village would serve as a reference point for visual artists and musicians? As a place of expression and inspiration where, apart from the paved alleys and the lush forest, one can also come across works of art and classic melodies at 900m. altitude? In Vamvakou, at the heart of Mount Parnonas, anything is possible! How? Through the artist residencies that Vamvakou Revival realizes as part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative implemented with the guidance and financial support of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

The original project of the revival of the village of Vamvakou at Lakonia constitutes a particularly interesting setting for artists as, through their artistic interventions, they are opening the dialogue with inhabitants, passers-by, visitors and temporary residents, both young and grown-ups.

Over these days, three young talented visual artists are in the village, who, among other things, are creating works of art in the public space. Iason Megoulas (aka Cacao Rocks), Alexandros Simopoulos and Pavlos Tsakonas – all three Fellows of ARTWORKS’ first SNF Artist Fellowship Program – are spending a few days in the village (from July, 13 to July, 19), studying its history and creating murals on an old warehouse and other forgotten and indifferent walls, this way introducing landmarks and posing questions regarding the aesthetics and use of public space. Take a walk in the village and you will discover it all!

And although the coronavirus pandemic stopped the clock for a while and interrupted scheduled activities or others in-progress, such as the residency program for musicians in Vamvakou, the time has now come to continue. The members of Oros Ensemble music group – established in the village a few months ago with the contribution of the Greek National Opera (GNO) – are now back to complete their program, from July to September of 2020. Konstantinos Zigkeridis, Dimitris Karagiannakidis, Apostolis Koutsogiannis, Eirini Krikoni, Giorgos Madikas and Antonis Tsahtanis will be living and working in the village again in order to realize various music activities, under all related safety measures. The sounds of violin, flute and violoncello will illustrate their own images and present to the audience a unique music experience, a palette of rich melodic tonalities. In fact, notes are possibly one of the most beautiful ways to tell a story.

The following concerts are scheduled for July and August:

Saturday July, 25 2020 at 21:00: Flute concert

Performed by Apostolis Koutsogiannis, member of Oros ensemble – composition & artistic organization

Saturday August, 8 2020 at 21:00: Violin concert

Performed by Eirini Krikoni, member of Oros Ensemble

Saturday August, 22 2020 at 21:00: Violoncello concert

Performed by Dimitris Karagiannakidis, member of Oros Ensemble

The concerts will be realized in the yard of the school of Vamvakou, with free entrance. They are part of the Vamvakou Revival initiative, implemented with the guidance and financial support of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).