Vamvakou welcomes the last month of autumn!

“In November, it’s getting cold and the fire will be warming us up at the picturesque village of Mount Parnon in Vamvakou, Lakonia. The nature has by now matured and the mountain is already dressed up in the warm colours of autumn. So, before welcoming winter in the village, we say goodbye to the green leaves of the trees and to autumn all together through unique workshops and programs for children and adults, which form part of the initiative for the revival of Vamvakou, realized by Vamvakou Revival with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

This November, we discover, along with the children, great painters through multisensory stimuli, learn about the importance of autumn in the circle of life and make the most of the treasures of nature to get initiated in the art of the earth at the school of the village. The third weekend of the month, together with the little visitors of the village, we transform the earth into clay and copy the famous vessels of Knossos, while we also learn about the value of trust and responsibility with the help of a whimsical blind man’s buff! And if you have ever wondered how the daily life of a tree is like, come to Vamvakou on the last Saturday of the month and, through theatre play for children and a walk in nature, get the chance to hug trees and play with them in order to become one and discover them. And, autumn wouldn’t of course be complete without endless creative play at the school.

At V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF), a role reversal takes place with teachers taking a seat at the desks of students to attend a special seminar on robotics and 3D printing. The second weekend of November, we offer the opportunity to the teachers of secondary education to learn how to best apply new technologies in the learning process.

And as music makes glad the heart of man, the weekends of November are filled with melodies and notes in Voureiko restaurant-café. Tributes to songs by women, the talented Eftihia Papagiannopoulou and rebetiko music by the music band Grammes, as well as an evening with piano, vocals and guitar by Tassos Skiadas and Giorgos Kostianis will be keeping us company.

As in Vamvakou, there might be ploughing and chores, but there are also carefree moments!