This March, we are welcoming spring in Vamvakou!

Activities for everyone with a creative, travel and carnival feel!

The Triodion period has started, carnival time has arrived and spring is just around the corner! The colours of the mountain are becoming more vivid and Vamvakou is the ideal destination to welcome spring together! Original carnival activities, workshops and educational programmes by Vamvakou Revival are awaiting on the slopes of Mount Parnon, within the framework of the initiative for the revival of Vamvakou with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

March kicks in with a weekend dedicated to children and the carnival; animal carnival masks, civilizations of the world and the history of mask through an educational programme for children by Folktales House. The three little pigs, a fun puppet show staged by Strigles, is waiting for you on Saturday 05/03 at the school of Vamvakou, while on Sunday 06/03, the fascinating story of the Harlequin is revealed by Polichromi Spira through a smart and touching tale about the favourite hero of the carnival.

Clean Monday (07/03) the traditional way in Vamvakou and so, we will be making kites and hot air balloons out of colourful cardboard along with Potoula Lafogianni. Which one can fly the highest? Let out more and more line and we will soon know!

New technologies, science and digital skills keep on the focus of V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF) for this month as well. The collaboration of Vamvakou Revival with IST College is continuing and the last live session/lecture will be realized at V.Lab on Saturday 12/03 within the context of the seminar Digital Marketing in Practice. On Sunday 13/03, during a lab session at V.Lab guided by Eleni Paloumba, chemist and head of the Laboratory Center of Physical Sciences of Lakonia, children will have the chance to try sink or float experiments with various materials.

Folk art and culture also find their place at an altitude of 900 meters! Follow-up for the “Calendar of arts” on the third weekend of the month, during which, heroic March will be welcoming the angels of the earth in an educational programme for children (19/03) with Adamantia Mastrokyriakaki, preschool teacher. “A journey to the light of knowledge” is introducing a different educational and entertaining pantomime (20/03) with Evangelos Theodorou, librarian, and a weaving workshop (20/03) with Katerina Samara initiates us into the folk craft of weaving and the contemporary aspects of this art.

The school of Vamvakou is open to all! Prompted by the National Holiday of the 25th of March, on Saturday 26/03, we are inviting you to create together our own ΟνΕιρικΌ ΚόΣμΟ [Dream World] through theatre performance, role-play and improvisation with Flora Kalomiri. The last Sunday of March (27/03) is dedicated to play, creation and artistic expression without any age or other limitations at a distinct, open-to-all school – the school of Vamvakou!

And don’t forget that, in Vavmakou, you will find hiking and cycling routes in the lush woods to follow, HAIBIKE electric bikes to rent, whatever whets your appetite to try at Voureiko café-restaurant in the village square and authentic Greek hospitality to experience in Ruga of Vamvakou guesthouse, as well as in a new guesthouse that will be soon opening its doors.

So, put a March bracelet on to avoid get sunburnt and follow us on the mountains!