A creative February in Vamvakou, Lakonia!

Films, music, art, nature, STEAM and theatre play on the mountain

Even if we are still in deep winter, the beautiful forest of Mount Parnon and the serenity of nature are inspiring us to enjoy all seasons of the year. While nature is resting, we fill the last month of winter with activities that will accompany you on your next excursion to the mountain. February is combining music, films for children and teenagers, art workshops, STEAM activities, environmental programmes and lots of free play, realised within the framework for the revival of Vamvakou by Vamvakou Revival, with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Art workshops and environmental programmes for children and families

For us in Vamvakou, it is of vital importance to cultivate an environmental consciousness and a cultural identity among our visitors. The contact of people with nature and its combination with culture outdoors is one of our main goals. February, then, is beginning with the little maestros in action (03/02) by playing music and entering into magic worlds through melodies and sounds, as well as with painting on canvas using watercolours and acrylic colours in order to get acquainted with the technique of decoupage (04/02). We come up with short stories inspired by the diversity of nature and depict it by painting our own book of nature (17/02), while, through hands-on activities, we learn about the properties of herbs and aromatic plants and the home pharmacy (18/02). Drawing inspiration from the story “The word collector” by Peter Reynolds, we will create our own stories and discover the power of words and the impact they might have when shared with others (24/02). And, of course, free play and messy play couldn’t be missing from our programme and, thus, we are inviting you to a different… school so that we can all turn to children (25/02).

Music and movie Saturdays

Cine Vamvakou for the “older” to remember and for the “younger” to learn that the movies is not something new to the village, as the first movie camera arrived here 94 years ago, giving the chance to the inhabitants to get acquainted with the 7th art. This activity is continuing throughout the weekends of February (03,10, 17, 24/02), in collaboration with the Athens International Children’s Film Festival, featuring films for children and teenagers on contemporary social issues and matters that concern young people. Also, this month too, the evening outings mingle with gastronomy in two music evenings at Voureiko (10 & 17/02) along with our favourite music band “Grammes”.

STEAM made it to the mountains, to… V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF)

Robotics or STEAM challenge? No matter what you choose, you will find it during the second weekend of the month (10 & 11/02) in Vamvakou! During a robotics workshop for children aged over 5 years old, the participants will discover Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Art and Programming through play and simple and more complex challenges. A technology-oriented relay race will be set up at the school of Vamvakou, with every team trying to make structures and complete tasks during a unique and fun STEAM challenge or children. And, last but not least, virtual reality and gaming always form part of the weekends at the school of Vamvakou.

Walks in nature, hiking and cycling routes, traditional tastes and authentic Greek hospitality will complement your visit to Vamvakou and offer you a unique experience on the mountain! So, what are you waiting for in order to organise your next excursion? Vamvakou is the ideal destination for you, your friends and family!