Vamvakou on ΕRΤ3 +anthropoi

Vamvakou on ΕRΤ3 +anthropoi

Vamvakou Revival

Vamvakou Revival team are hosted on the show +anthropoi which is presented by Giannis Darras. A beautiful tribute to our village and our effort to revitalize the Vamvakou, which is implemented with the guidance and financial support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

We were very happy to participate in a show that hosted stories with a positive social impact and concerns people who choose to think differently by implementing innovative projects, offering or changing society and creating hope for the future.

We shared our own stories, our way of life, our experiences, our vision for our village and its future. The difference in life is made by the people themselves and their own unique stories!

Watch the show on November, 16th at 13:00 and on the same day at 18:30 on ERT3 and ERTflix.