Food sustainability workshop for adults

Food sustainability workshop for adults

Vamvakou square

Open cooking class in collaboration with an executive chef of SFMinGr.

The purpose of this workshop is to give emphasis on the seasonality and local origin of raw materials, make the most of them while generating the least possible waste and pass on knowledge regarding the principles of sustainability through cooking.

The session consists of 30’ theory on the basic principles of sustainability on cooking and 30’ on techniques/tips for saving raw materials, delivered by the executive chef Dimitris Aivaliotis.

The workshop is part of the activities in the name of “Sustainable gastronomy weekend in Vamvakou”, which is implemented by Vamvakou Revival in collaboration with Sustainable Food Movement Greece.

A few words about Sustainable Food Movement Greece (SFMinGR)

Sustainable Food Movement Greece (SFMinGR) was founded in 2017 as a social enterprise which aims at the dissemination of the principles of sustainability and the reduction of food waste in the sector of tourism, with the emphasis on the catering and hospitality businesses. The vision of the enterprise is for the sector of gastronomy in Greece to produce zero organic waste. Its mission is for senior executives and businesses in the sector of restaurants and catering to apply the Sustainable Development goals as stipulated by the United Nations, aiming at the environmental, social and economic sustainability by enhancing circular economy, responsible production and ethical consumption.

The team is part of Egg Alumni; in 2017, it participated in the 5th iteration of the Program; and, since 2018, it has been one of the teams of Reload Greece Alumni; since 2019, it has been an Affiliate Partner of ASEF, of EIT Food South, of the Polish Circular Hotspot, of Act4SDGs and of the international community of the organization The Global Goals Business Avengers. Also, since 2018, it has been a Food Ambassador of the Embassy of Sweden in Greece. In the beginning of 2020, it became a member of the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation, the Institute of Hospitality in the U.K. and Slow Food International.

Distinctions: National Gastronomy Winner SEUA 2017, Athens Innovation Festival Awards 2018, National Winner for Greece in the category Food Waste SDG United Nations/Hallbars Sustainability Reports Awards 2020.

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