Water STEM at Kato Vrisi

Water STEM at Kato Vrisi

Kato Vrysi

Have you heard of the complex systems of aqueducts constructed by the Romans? Or of the experiments that Archimedes was doing in his bathtub with water? Well, you have definitely noticed the concentric circles formed when throwing a stone into the water!

A refreshing lab comes to Vamvakou to reveal the secrets of the most vital element for human life – WATER! Along with the children, we will use LEGO blocks, plastic cups, sticks and other everyday materials in order to build and try our own hydrodynamic systems!

The children will have the opportunity to get acquainted in a pleasant and creative way with notions of technology and mechanics, such as hydrodynamics, flow, kinetic energy, speed and resistance. They will play, build and discover how the world around them works… at Kato Vrisi in Vamvakou!

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