Virtual reality & Gaming at V.Lab


VR for… Vamvakou Revival or maybe for Virtual Reality? Starting from 2023, these two will go hand in hand to offer unique virtual reality experiences to children and grown-ups alike! Every weekend, the visitors of V.Lab will have the chance, via Oculus Quest, to enter 3D worlds and enjoy games of high-tech standards. Take a leap into a new reality through the Virtual Reality equipment of Vamvakou Revival that you will find at the school of Vamvakou every weekend!

And if you feel that, every time you go on an excursion, you miss gaming, then, don’t worry as Vamvakou Revival has taken care of that too. At PC Lab by V.Lab, you will find all your favourite games, such as League of Legends, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Minecraft, Dota 2 and Roblox for endless gaming at an altitude of 950 meters!