3D Printing for people aged 10+

3D Printing for people aged 10+


Participants of all ages are welcome to the workshop titled “3D Printing for ages 10-99⁺” for an educational journey into the exciting world of 3D printing. Everyone may explore and trace the evolution of such an innovative technology. The workshop offers an introduction to the concepts of 3D printing, analyzing the timeline of the evolution of 3D technologies. Participants familiarize themselves with the application of 3D printing, exploring recent advances and discovering its broad perspectives.

In addition, key steps for designing 3D objects using online 3D design tools are presented. Join us to learn and express yourself creatively through making 3D designs and constructions.

Realized by: Dimitris Sagiannis, Director, Central Public Library Sparti

Suitable for: Persons aged 10-99

Maximum number of participants: 8

Reservations: info@vamvakourevival.org or (+30) 2731-0-76233

Entrance fee: 5 euros

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