Messy & clay play with Ηehe


Hehe – Helen and Hector, that is – will travel all the way from Thessaloniki to Vamvakou, armed with their precious sensory material, in order to join forces with you and create a setting of experimentation, creativity and expression, joy and carefreeness during this year’s Vamvakou Experience Festival!

Bringing along generous quantities of materials such as sand, colours, soil, flour as well as treasure baskets full of wooden toys for younger children, they will give us the opportunity to enjoy life through our senses. We will create colourful and “scientific” exciting structures, explore magic substances, such as slimes and ooblecks, and experiment and get carried away with sensory, fun games.

At the same time, we will indulge into the charm of the absolute organic material, natural clay, by having at our disposal huge quantities of it that will allow us to make our dreams come true. The purpose is to create clay figures of children and of snapshots of life in the village and, then, scatter them around the alleys, the school and the square, this way conveying a message of livelihood and revival in Vamvakou!

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