Postponement: SNFCC goes to Vamvakou!


The school programs of SNFCC travel all the way to the mountainous Vamvakou in Lakonia, on March, 29 and 30. Children aged 8 to 11 years old get the chance to create and publish a small-scale improvised magazine – a fanzine. The purpose of this workshop is for students to get acquainted with the genre and culture of fanzines and improvised editions and become themselves editors, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers. By making the most of analogue and digital media, the children will be encouraged to familiarize themselves with the village of Vamvakou in artistic terms and creatively document the experience of their visit there by presenting through the pages of the fanzine their perspective.

The design and editing of the fanzine are realized by Alexandros Psychoulis, visual artist and professor in the University of Thessaly

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