Film screenings: Imagination in everyday life (for children aged 7 to 9 years old)


The first challenges of childhood can be handled with lots of imagination through this collection of live action films, animation and  packed with humour and important messages about the value of play, the protection of the environment and family relations among other things.

Screening schedule

1/ The Flyman | Roopal Kewalya

10’, India, 2021, dubbed in Greek by Alexandros Siatras, Athena Moustaka, Eugenia Deliali (Live action)

An 8-year-old boy, Vihaan, is afraid of a bully at school that hits him every chance he gets. In order to escape, he decides to turn into a superhero and learn to fly; because real heroes are those who get to face their fears.

2/ Aeronaut | Leon Golterman

2’, Netherlands, 2021, no dialogue (Animation)

Ten-year-old Kevin is growing up in a family with a tyrannical father. He dreams of becoming a pilot in order to escape from him, along with his little sister, Jaimy. Until then, he has his favourite model airplane to keep him company. When Jaimy gets her hands on it, the boy’s faith will be put to the test as great dilemmas come up.

3/ Piropiro | Miyoung Baek

10’, South Korea, 2021, no dialogue (Animation)

The story of two exotic birds, one from the forest and one from the local flower shop, that will travel together in order to find the place where they belong.

4/ Smile | Jonas Forsman

6’, Sweden, 2021, no dialogue (Animation)

Grom wakes up one morning to find that his mouth is pinned on a sour face. How did this happen? He always has a smile on his face! Along with his close friend, Lobo, they head of on an incredible adventure to discover his missing smile.

5/ Sea Shadow | Vincent Bal

10’, Netherlands, 2021, dubbed in Greek by Alexandros Siatras, Athena Moustaka, Eugenia Deliali (Live action)

Max must do his homework and, thus, cannot go for a walk by the sea with his mother and sister. While studying, he notices a shadow-figure over the charger of his mobile phone. When he draws two eyes on it, the shadow suddenly comes alive.

6/ Don’t Blow it Up | Alzbeta Macakova Misejkova

8’, Czech Republic, 2022, no dialogue (Animation)

Two little girls are playing with a ball and end up arguing over petty things. Their umbrage makes them inflate like balloons that fly all the way up to the clouds. Trapped up there, they try to get down and save their kitten that is stuck in a tree.

7/ The Boy and the Elephant | Sonia Gerbeaud

7’, France, 2022, dubbed in Greek by Athena Moustaka, Eugenia Deliali (Animation)

A new elephant-headed student shows up at school. This triggers mockery, sarcasm and bullying; however, one student is captivated by this arrival.

8/ Packing a Wave| Edu Glez

8’, Spain, 2021, no dialogue (Animation)

A young castaway arrives unconscious at the shore of a dreamy, yet deserted island. After waking up, she gets to explore the island to discover that she is actually in a landfill.

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