F1 in Schools | An experiential day-seminar in Vamvakou

F1 in Schools | An experiential day-seminar in Vamvakou


F1 in Schools – an original experiential day-seminar with pre-printed paper F1 models competing in race tracks – comes this April at V.Lab (Vamvakou Technology Lab fully powered by SNF).

Boys and girls get to design a small-scale Formula1 racing car, using two-dimensional software. Then, they construct their F1 model using cardboard, which moves on a straight 20-meter-long racing track powered by a compressed air cylinder that goes off at the starting line.

The children form groups that are competing against each other and are assessed in basic aspects of the program, such as entrepreneurship, creativity, teamwork and collaboration, digital marketing, research and development, innovative thinking, sustainable project management and, of course, engineering, design and construction of 3D Formula1 models.

F1 in Schools is an educational programme approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and recommended as a STEM educational activity by the Institute of Educational Policy.