Creative autumn Weekends


Fun board games, colourful LEGO interlocking bricks, imaginative constructions and handicrafts, drawing and music are waiting for young and older children to discover them.

October is the month of walnuts in Vamvakou… So, on the first Saturday of the month (03/10), a big walnut tree will be waiting for all the children to paint and stick walnuts on it. Once the artwork is completed, it will decorate the school of Vavmakou for the whole month.

On the weekend of October, 10 and 11, join us to make our autumn bowls! Using leaves that have fallen on the ground, glue and balloons, we will create the most beautiful bowls to decorate our room and remember our great gateway in Vamvakou.

On the weekend of October, 17 and 18, we are inviting you to realize a mission. Our leaders are colours Yellow, Orange, Green and Brown. Their assistants, the peg and the pom-pom. Sticking to this “team”, the children who will visit us will first paint the autumn tree at the school yard and then whatever comes to their mind.

Finally, on the weekend of October, 24 and 25, kids will be making an elaborate autumn streamer at the school of Vamvakou. How? Using paper, watercolours, scissors and rope!

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