Make your own space device

Make your own space device

Οnline via Webex

Nobody had ever traveled to space and nobody had ever made it to the moon. So, when NASA undertook the mission to send people to where nobody had ever been before, it had to solve a series of problems and invent literally from scratch devices, machines and technology. Join us in order to find out why the exploration of the universe is important, discover the inventions of NASA in everyday life and make our own space device.

Why? To honour the World Science Day for Peace and Development, celebrated on November, 10. Throughout this workshop, the critical role of science in society and everyday life will be highlighted, along with the need for a wider audience to participate in discussions related to emerging scientific issues. Linking science to society more closely, the World Science Day for Peace and Development aims at safeguarding that citizens are informed about scientific developments.

This year at V.Lab, we get informed and become aware of global problems by celebrating science! Once per month, we organize STEAM activities for children inspired by the themes of various World Days as established by the United Nations.

Global days serve as an opportunity to educate the wider audience on matters which worry us all and to activate political will for the confrontation of global issues. It is also an occasion to celebrate and support the achievements of humankind.

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