Cine Vamvakou | Bigman

Cine Vamvakou | Bigman


Best friends Dylan and Youssef dream of becoming professional football players. One day, after an accident, the daily life of Dylan changes unexpectedly as it now includes a wheelchair. His father (and former coach) is convinced that Dylan has to come to terms with his handicap and forget about football once and for all. However, the boy does not want to let go of his dream. Along with Youssef and Maya, a talented skater girl he has a crush on and who helps him approach the sports in a completely new way, Dylan strives to win the much-desired Cup.

Movies at 900 meters – Cine Vamvakou! A significant element of the pioneering cultural activation of the village from a long time ago was the existence of a movie camera at the school in 1930. Yes; you heard right! In this little village, 94 years ago, movie screenings were taking place. Vamvakou Revival decided to revive this activity, giving the opportunity to children and grown-ups to watch unique movies at the school, in collaboration with the Athens International Children’s Film Festival.

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