Film Screenings: A marvelous world (for children aged 4 to 6 years old)


The world around us has many beauties, as well as surprises. The heroes in the films of this section discover their courage, imagination and strength through animated stories about friendship, acceptance, nature and family.

Screening schedule:
1/ Trails of the Morning | Masa Avramovic
3’, France, 2021, dubbed in Greek by Eugenia Deliali (Animation)
Here comes a little girl who’s more of a morning person than Morning itself and offers us a tender and touching portrait of friendship.
2/ Step by Step | Theodore Janvier, Fanny Paoli, Emma Gach, Anabelle David, Julie Valentin, Claire Robert
7’, France, 2021, no dialogue (Animation)
A small rainboot wakes up by a river bank. On the way home, it will wander in the woods and come across obstacles that will make it even stronger.
3/ The Seagulls | Lara Mattelart
3’, France, 2021, dubbed in Greek by Alexandros Siatras (Animation)
The childhood memory of a girl. A pond, some seagulls and the love of a grandpa giving wings.
4/ Suzie in the Garden| Lucie Sunkova
14’, Czech Republic, 2022, dubbed in Greek by Alexandros Siatras, Athena Moustaka, Eugenia Deliali (Animation)
The lyrical story of a magical garden that shows us the charm of being different and the way to get over fear and prejudices.
5/ My Name is Fear | Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez
6’, Germany, 2021, dubbed in Greek by Eugenia Deliali (Animation)
The cute emotion that inhabits our brain – Fear – wants to give us an interview. You might even become friends! Or is there a reason to be afraid that you are afraid? Fear, animation, interview, comedy.
6/ Red Junior and the Wolf | Winnie Wu
4’, USA, 2021, no dialogue (Animation)
In a fairytale world, Little Red Riding Hood is best friends with Wolfie, a young wolf. Her grandmother, though, is not fond of wolves at all, as she has bad past experiences with them. However, Wolfie is not in any way alike the famous Big Bad Wolf.
7/ The Fantastic Flying Competition | John Croezen
6’, Netherlands, 2021, dubbed in Greek by Alexandros Siatras (Animation)
The countdown begins and all the birds line up for the annual flying competition. A contest with numerous obstacles and tough competition. Three… two… one… go!


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