A different school


Vamvakou School is unlike any other! In Vamvakou there are no ordinary classes, no lessons are taught, and everything is turned upside down! Regardless of age, everyone has a place in this school; there is no right or wrong, black or white. Here playing and mingling with children of all ages without any discrimination holds a central place. We aim to strengthen human relationships and create an inclusive space of freedom with a focus on teamwork, socialization, independence, free expression, and creativity. Various play corners, where everyone may move freely, are set up across the school. And if the weather is nice…all activities move outdoors and messy play (paint, mud pots, water balloon fights and much more) is a must.

Activities (indicatively): Lego toys, board games, chess, lending library, crafts, VR and gaming, puppet theatre, role-playing games, play kitchens, sensory and free play! Balls, trampolines, hula hoops and table tennis may be found in the courtyard!

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